Ryan Mancey Joins as New Safety and Training Officer

British Skydiving welcomes a new addition to the safety team – Ryan Mancey.

Ryan will be joining us in the role of Safety and Training Officer, he will be working alongside Jeff to increase the capacity of the Safety and Training Team.

Ryan has over 12,600 skydives and a passion for exploring the world from above. As a tandem instructor, AFF instructor, and category system instructor, he’s shared his love for skydiving with countless others. Beyond the sky, Ryan holds a degree in Music and has worked as a professional musician. He’s also a pilot, paragliding coach, speed flyer, and an avid surfer.

In his own words

“Over the years, I’ve worked at many different PTOs and in various roles. This has been an absolute pleasure and a privilege to be involved with such an incredible and diverse community of like-minded people from every possible walk of life. It’s a journey that has taken me around the world on adventures I could only have dreamed about or watched in movies. The sport has surpassed anything I could have previously imagined. It gives me a sense of pride in achievement and constant and never-ending learning. Everything I’ve learned and experienced so far has prepared me for my new role as STO, and I’m looking forward to serving the community that has given so much to me.

Let’s face it, as life-changing and incredible as skydiving is, it’s pretty dangerous. I know this because I’ve been around many serious incidents over the years and have lost a few friends to it too. It’s essential to maintain the balance of safety and efficiency and have high-quality training programs that assist participants in becoming better than they were yesterday while keeping them safe for the long haul. Training coaches and instructors to perform at higher standards allows them to pass on their experience and knowledge to the next generation of skydivers, ensuring the sport evolves even further into the future.

These are exciting times as big changes are happening within the structure of British skydiving, enabling us to serve the membership and the PTOs better.

I feel very privileged to be part of this amazing team at British skydiving during this time and look forward to this new chapter in my journey.”

Welcome to the team Ryan!