Skydive the Mag App is Live!

The first Skydive The Mag app is live!

Download our brand-new app and jump into the world of Skydive the Mag.

Cover 📸 by Andy Ford.

We are so excited to share our hard work with British Skydiving members. Working with our new editor Annette O’Neil, the new Skydive the Mag is packed full of great stories, videos and so much more…

In this issue, you’ll discover:

• Emily Aucutt encourages instructors to think inclusively in Kiss and Tell
• Learn how you normalise dangerous practices and how we can help each other stop these in Smarter Every Day
• Catch up with the latest new British Skydiving ratings and licenses in The Buzz
• Discover tips and strategies for more affordable (and effective!) tunnel flying in By The Minute
• Karen Saunders asks you to think twice about buying that ancient kit in The Gear Room

And there is even more inside!