Update from Tony Butler, Chief Operating Officer

Saturday 21 March 2020


Dear Members

The Council of British Skydiving held a video meeting today to consider the effect of the unprecedented government restrictions to control the spread of COVID19, not only on our sport but also to our members and our Affiliated Parachute Training Organisations (PTOs).

Having considered the latest advice (Updated COVID19 Advice) from Dr John Carter, British Skydiving’s Medical Adviser, Council recognises that skydiving, as an activity within the sports and leisure sector, cannot take place under the government’s current restrictions on gatherings and advise people to stay at home where possible.  Council recognises our social responsibility and duty, as a skydiving community, to play our full part in helping to keep ourselves, our families, friends, neighbours and wider society as safe as possible and to help the NHS concentrate its limited resources to save the lives of those most severely affected.

Therefore, British Skydiving must strongly advise that no skydiving activity should take place until the government eases its current restrictions.

British Skydiving will be putting out a fuller statement on the financial matters affecting the sport and PTOs followed by a message to all members from Craig Poxon, Chair of British Skydiving. We shall also be providing more specific information and advice for riggers, packers and others who work behind the scenes in our sport to ensure that they are able to continue the vital work and services that they provide to the community.

British Skydiving Council will hold another video meeting next Saturday, 28 March, and I shall update you all then.

Let’s all stay safe, and get through this together.

Take care

Tony Butler

Chief Operating Officer