We are looking for a new Independent Non-Executive Director!

British Skydiving is looking for a new Independent Non-Executive Director (INED).

This is an exciting time to join British Skydiving as an INED. 2023 has seen the Association taking some significant steps as part of an ambition to establish itself as a future-facing governing body.  This has included recruiting a CEO and setting out our strategic plan for 2023-2027, building our inclusivity strategies by signing up to Charter Membership with Sporting Equals and continuing our good governance journey by commissioning an independent Board review.

Our INEDs play an important role in diversifying the insight and expertise shared around the board table, and a new INED joining British Skydiving is an exciting opportunity to bring another voice into that mix.

Full details can be found on the role page.

INED Role – British Skydiving