Social Distance Learning

Recently we have seen members thinking of innovative ideas whilst skydiving isn’t taking place. There have been several virtual activities provided by some instructors, judges and sponsored athletes, aimed at keeping up the interest and helping you develop.
These efforts demonstrate how our skydiving community can pull together in these unprecedented times, where uncertainty is, sadly, at the forefront of our lives, including our sport.
The purpose of this resource page is to keep members connected through this unprecedented time of social distancing and to promote online sessions that any Instructors, Advanced Packers, Riggers, Coaches, Load Organisers or Drop Zones have plans to hold.
If you have any ideas or suggestions for engaging and diverting content, please contact us using the form below and help support skydiving while we can’t jump”. Content can include: sharing great resources that you already have – producing new resources; want to run a webinar, create a video, write an article? These things can support your drop zone as much as the community of skydivers – British Skydiving can support you on this, perhaps you are hosting online social events – running a virtual pub quiz? Having a House Party? Created a new Facebook bonfire? Let us know and we’ll share them with the community though our website and the British Skydiving/Skydive the Mag Social media channels.
Those instructors or coaches intending to use this platform for the purpose of educating students and licensed skydivers through their different stages of progression, do this by providing their personal information or perhaps the views of their Parachute Training Organisation (PTO) Chief Instructor (CI). Therefore British Skydiving does not assume responsibility for content provided. If any of the information differs from what you have been told by your current instructor, please check with your instructor or your PTO Chief Instructor.
Links will open to external websites, videos and social media pages.

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Safety Checklist with Dan BC

Broadcast on 05 March 2020 for the USPA Safety Day.

The USPA Safety Day message from world champion skydiver Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld should hit home with every skydiver no matter what their experience level.

Skydiving Aircraft Surprises with Brian Germain

Broadcast on 06 February 2021.

In this short video, Brian Germain shares some valuable advice about aircraft surprises.

Getting Back in the Air with Pete Allum, Julian Barthel and Will Penny

Broadcast on 03 June 2020.

Performance Designs athletes Pete Allum, Julian Barthel and Will Penny sat down to talk through some things to consider before jumping after a long break.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Basics of Tracking with Ally Milne

Broadcast on 30 January 2021 at the Skydive Langar Zoogie.

Ally has been skydiving and instructing at Langar for over a decade and in his time, has competed in FS 4 way, been part of formation skydiving records, won medals in FF events and much, much more!

In this session, he told us all about the basics of tracking and the tracking progression system. Perfect for skydivers at any experience level.

From FS1 to AAA in Just Three Years with the Pumas 4-way Skydiving Team

Broadcast on 30 January 2021 at the Skydive Langar Zoogie.

The Pumas hosted a great session on 4-way progression, including the Pumas’ own journey, understanding randoms and blocks, and camera flying.

A Safe Start to 2021 with Richard Wheatley

Broadcast on 30 January 2021 at the Skydive Langar Zoogie.

Skydive Langar Chief Instructor, Rich Wheatley, shares his tips and practical advice to ensure a safe return to skydiving once lockdown is over.

Bigway Progression with Brian Cumming

Broadcast on 30 January 2021 at the Skydive Langar Zoogie.

Brian has hosted bigway skydiving events around the world and been part of an array of national and world records.

In this session, Brian shared his advice to help you in your bigway career, from building up experience to getting invited to events to making your mark on the day.

Jump Flying and the Ride to Altitude with Josh Carratt

Broadcast on 30 January 2021 at the Skydive Langar Zoogie.

In this session, Skydive Langar’s jump pilot and skydive instructor, Josh, Carratt shared his experiences as a jump pilot, filled with insights you just don’t get when you only spend your time facing the tail!

CF Beards and Real Ale with Sam Haste

Broadcast on 30 January 2021 at the Skydive Langar Zoogie.

Do you still think of Canopy Formation as the hobby of strange people who often have beards and drink real ale?

In his session, Sam helped you discover the newest old school cool in skydiving. Frap hats optional. 

The Lines. Part 1 with Colin Scott Thomson

First broadcast on 15 December 2020

Part 1, of a series of videos, concerning suspension lines and the attachment points on the canopy. Periodic maintenance, what you may not know about your lines. Demonstrating the “CAM” Line length modification, to get the most life out of your LineSet Safely, in particular for the Sabre2 with MicroLine.

The Lines. Part 2 with Colin Scott Thomson

First broadcast on 21 December 2020

Part 2 of a series discussing lines, Attachment points, Parachute suspension lines, periodic maintenance, inspection, damage avoidance or limitation. How to avoid an unscheduled rapid disassembly of your equipment.

The Lines. Part 3 with Colin Scott Thomson

First broadcast on 23 December 2020

Part 3 of The Lines, Stabilizer Slider Stop attachments, Angle of Incidence, Line trim specifications, Reference points, Line Repair interesting solution, Line lubrication, But wait there’s more.

Ninjas With Altitude interview with Ally Milne

Broadcast on 11 May 2020

Anthony Andrews of Ninjas with Altitude interviews British Skydiving Advanced Instructor Ally Milne.

Enjoy 60 minutes of HU exits, lost wallets, different kinds of fear reactions in skydiving, and many other things.

Check Your Lines with Brett Newman

Broadcast on 06 May 2020

Join NZ Aerosports friend and rigger, Brett Newman from Downward Trend to give your gear some love from isolation! Grab your canopy (unpacked) and follow along to check your lines with us, or simply watch and learn.

From the Tunnel to the Sky with Chimera

First published in the February 2020 issue of Skydive the Mag.

4-way FS team Chimera share their tips on using tunnel as a training aid for your outdoor season

Competing in Skydiving with Rich Madeley

Published on 27 April 2020

In this Vertex Skysports blog post, Rich Madeley from Parallel FreeFly talks about competing in a range of disciplines; Free-flying, Formation Skydiving and Canopy Piloting, all of which have their own structure and challenges. 

10 Examples of Skydiving Mistakes

Published on 28 April 2020

Pushing the boundaries can often lead to skydivers taking unnecessary risks. NZ Aerosports asked 10 experienced canopy pilots to give examples of mistakes they made and what they learned from them.

The Sound of Aeroplanes with Simon Brentford

Published 26 April 2020

Have you ever been sat in the Dornier G92 for the umpteenth time and nodded off? Surely that’s not possible considering how noisy it is and how many jumps you’ve already done that day?  NFTO’s Simon Brentford discusses the powerful “lullaby effect” in this Skydive Hibaldstow blog post.

Diving the Dirt Dive with Simon Brentford

Published on 20 April 2020

In this Skydive Hibaldstow blog post, Simon Brentford from NFTO talks about how the dirt dive is perfect. Everyone knows their place, it builds quickly and the plan is crystal clear. Yet when you climb aboard the airplane on the ride to altitude, you feel distracted and you question who is going where. 

Girls Can’t Fly Parachutes with Laura Golly

Broadcast on 24 January 2018

It is often said that women are great at freefall, but not very good at flying a canopy. In the seminar Girls Can’t Fly Parachutes, Laura Golly of Sun Path takes a look at where this idea comes from and analyses the issue from a new and mostly overlooked perspective.

Breaking Stereotypes with Holly Goodfield & Kate Lindsley

First published in the April 2020 issue of Skydive the Mag

Meet the UK’s most experienced  female Tandem Instructor. Holly works full time as a Tandem Instructor at GoSkydive. Fellow Tandem Instructor and new Council Member Kate Lindsley interviewed her to talk about how she got into skydiving as a career. 

Coming Back from an Injury with Doug Barron

Broadcast on 12 April 2020

Join Performance Designs athlete and SDC Rhythm XP member, Doug Barron as he hosts an open discussion about the physical and mental struggles faced during recovery and getting back in the air after an injury.

Critical Communication: Adding Value to your Coaching Skills with Chris Shaw

Broadcast on 26 January 2019

This seminar is for coaches and instructors looking to find additional ways to deliver the best value possible to clients, by increasing your ability to get your briefings across, without radically changing your own style of coaching or instructing.

Taking Great Photos with Kian Bullock

First published on 15 April 2020

Icarus Athlete, Kian Bullock, has put together a little guide on how to take great photos. He has skydived all over the world, providing some absolutely stunning images! This article is for anyone interested in starting a career in photography, wanting to take better photos or those that just fancy a good read.

The Main Canopy by Tom Hill

First published in June 2019

The Main Canopy has a variety of designs from 7 Cell to Cross Braced and Square to Fully Elliptical.  In this DZ Sports blog post, Tom looks at the design of the Canopy influences its flying characteristics, pilot skill level and pack volume. In addition, canopies are made of different materials which influence the pack volume.

Harnessing your Competitive Spirit with Chimera

First published in the August 2019 issue of Skydive the Mag

Competition is really fun. It’s also absolutely awful. Especially if you’re a trained team. It’s the ultimate culmination of everything you’ve put in, and you want to give it your all to get as much as possible out.

Canopy Etiquette with Julian Barthel

Broadcast on 03 April 2020

Flight-1 Instructor and Freefly coach Julian Barthel talks about Canopy Etiquette. Julian talks about the risk of collision at different altitudes during canopy traffic and establish simple guidelines to maximize safety for yourself and others in the sky with you. 

How to Jumpmaster

First published  on 02 April 2020

The role of the jumpmaster (JM) is to organise and take care of the skydivers on board the aircraft. This job starts on the ground by making sure everybody has been checked on the flightline, and spans all the way to ensuring that everyone exits from the correct spot, with several other elements along the way. Find out more from this Skydive Langar blog post. 

Planning Your Team Part Two

First published on 01 October 2019

In part two of this Skydive Hibaldstow blog series, Simon Brentford covers some common complaints and tips. It’s not always obvious what to do when you have a lack of resources or a conflict in the team. There’s also a top list of 10 Do’s and Don’ts to get you started.

Why Coach with Cath Leather

First published in the October 2019 issue of Skydive the Mag

Cath Leather, a formation skydiving coach and is often asked why she coaches. It can be hard work, but it is so rewarding to her. In this article she talks about how she got into coaching and the steps she has taken to become a better coach. 

Performance Designs, Tip Tuesday, with Pete Allum

Broadcast on 31 March 2020

Just because we’re in quarantine doesn’t mean we can’t take a minute to think about the importance of canopy coaching and maybe reassess some of our priorities when it comes to skydiving.

Bigway Beginners Webinar

Broadcast on 04 April 2020

Matt Cumming and Jodie-Leigh Foster from the Pajama Pumas – 4way Skydiving Team, along with Emily Aucutt from Skydive Langar are working together to bring you a bigway beginners webinar.

They talk about all things bigway, so when we get jumping again you’ll be able to smash it on those load organised jumps!


Reserve Packing with UPT’s Tom Parker

Broadcast on 24 January 2020 at Skydive the Expo

Tom Parker from Sun Path Products Inc provides a practical demonstration of reserve packing.

Facebook Live Q&A with Performance Designs Athlete Luis Prinetto

Broadcast on 29 March 2020

Join Fly4Life team member, Organizer and all-around legend Luis Printetto for a chat. Luis answers questions about Angle Flying, how he got started in skydiving and how he’s coping during the quarantine!

The Journey of an A Licence Jumper

First published in the August 2019 issue of Skydive the Mag

It’s good to remember the journey we made in becoming skydivers, so what better way to remind ourselves than to hear the experiences of a recent A Licence skydiver? Andy Guest spoke to Isabel Espinosa.

Tandem Instructor Observation Strategies with Mark Procos of UPT

Broadcast on 24 January 2020 at Skydive the Expo

Mark covers the factors affecting equipment choice, student harness compatibility, packing styles, different jump aircraft and how the elevation of the DZ can have an effect on the main canopy.

Looking for Something to Cheer You Up?

Broadcast on 17 March 2020

Check out how the #uptmutant changed professional adventurer Aron Anderson’s approach to flying his canopy with the help of UPT Mutant Ambassador and Flight-1 Coach, Pete Allum.

Catch up with  the TEEM Friday Freakout 

New video every Friday

TEEM’s Friday Freakout series is a source for skydiving malfunctions and epic fail videos, powered by fan submissions & community discussions.

Identifying Fear & Clarifying Values with Melanie Curtis

Broadcast on 28 March 2020

This webinar talks about identifying fear and clarifying values in the frame of leadership, consciousness and intentional action and connection. Connecting with the power of influence we each have and how we can wield that power for good.

4-Way Tips: From FS1 to The Podium, by Chimera

Broadcast on 22 March 2020

4-way formation skydiving is one of the most popular ways to get into competing in our sport. Combining speed with technical detail and flowing performance, 4 way is accessible to anyone from the point you gain your FS1 qualification.

FS Judging Corner: Facebook Group

A group to help explain FS and VFS rules to competitors. Through a series of videos, British Skydiving & FAI Judge, Lucy Westgarth, covers various topics, from ISC rule changes, to different types of busts, to what it’s like in the judging room.

Virtual B-Licence Briefs

British Skydiving Instructor of the Year 2018, Emily Aucutt, will be covering the role and responsibility of being Jump Master, including spotting in a number of virtual sessions. 

Fill in the form to let Emily know what you would like to cover in the sessions and your preferred session time.

All Things Camera with Roy Wimmer-Jaglom

Broadcast on 25 March 2020

PD Athlete, Roy Wimmer-Jaglom, cameraman and photographer talks about all things camera: How to get into camera flying, important principles and inspirations and all the technical information you never knew you needed.

Safety & Me: A Personal Journey with Ben Samuel

Broadcast on 25 January 2020 at Skydive the Expo

Ben Samuel presents a story from AFF to present, Ben discusses how he adopted safe practices and how he engaged in unsafe practices using psychoanalytic theory to suggest reasons why it was and still is difficult to internalise ALL safety information.

Planning Your Team Part One

First published on 25 September 2019

The UK Nationals are over, you’ve either just taken part or you’ve never done it before. Either way, you’re on the hunt for a new 4-way skydiving team and this Skydive Hibaldstow blog post by NFTO Camera flyer, Simon Brentford, is perfect for you.

21 Ways to Keep Your Canopy Looking Good

First published on 10 December 2019

NZ Aero Sports Icarus Canopies  share their 21 tips and tricks for keeping your canopy in tip-top condition.

DuPont’s Dirty Dozen with Key Dynam

Broadcast on 24 January 2020 at Skydive the Expo

Kev Dynan, a British Skydiving Advanced Instructor and Tandem Instructor from Skydive Chatteris introduces us to DuPont’s Dirty Dozen. A method of recognising the main causes of human error.

Kev applies the Dirty Dozen to skydiving and looks at the countermeasures we can take to reduce the number of errors made.

Think like a Fighter Pilot with Ally Milne

First published in the December 2019 issue of Skydive the Mag

How to use fighter pilot thinking and apply decision cycles to your skydiving.

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