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This site contains all British Skydiving Approved Tandem parachute equipment modifications that have been approved, recorded in the minutes and subsequently ratified at Riggers or Safety and Training Committee meetings. The modifications may be selected and viewed using three criteria; Type, Search, and Sort. Individual modifications have a brief description and may be expanded to show full details. Modifications may also have attached files including text, image and video as appropriate.

‘Type’ refers to a tandem system container and comprises all modifications for that equipment type that have appeared in the British Skydiving Riggers or Safety and Training Committee minutes since 1993. Each modification is as quoted in the applicable minute and sometimes, where necessary, there are references to other items to facilitate a fuller understanding of the modification The ‘Search’ and ‘Sort’ criteria are self-explanatory.

23 June 1994
Type / Vector

RIGGERS 23rd Jun 94

Material tags added to the passenger anchor points of a Tandem Vector passenger harness. (Cleared for all).

6. A.O.B. (Cleared for All)

  1. Paul Applegate presented an alteration to a Vector Harness where he had added a square shaped tubing to the passenger anchor point to enable easier opening. It was proposed by Paul Applegate and seconded by Howard Goldby that the above alteration be accepted.
Carried Unanimously
11 August 1994
Type / Galaxy/atom

RIGGERS 11th Aug 94

To use a RSL changed to 1 pin system, change main closure from cable to pin on the Tandem Galaxy. (NOT CLEARED for general use).


  1. Peter Carroll requested approval for modifications that had been carried out to a PDF Galaxy, in the back of which was a Vector 421. The Committee examined the equipment, and gave their opinion on the following modifications that had been carried out:
    1. Modified RSL – (now a standard 1 pin RSL attachment)
      Proposed by Paul Applegate, seconded by Dave Chapman that this modification be accepted.

      For: 4 – Against: 1
    2. Changing Closing Cable to a Pin
      Proposed by Paul Applegate, seconded by Allan Hewitt that this modification be accepted.

      For: 4 – Against: 1
11 August 1994
Type / Vector

RIGGERS 11th Aug 94

Peterborough Parachute Centre Tandem Alteration.


Page 1 – Item 1 – ref. Peterborough Parachute Centre Tandem Alteration. John Curtis was concerned that following the unanimous decision to allow Peterborough P.C. to continue using their Tandem equipment in its current set-up, the description of the set-up included reference to BT drogues (with changes) John asked that those changes be clarified for the record.

It was confirmed that there had only been one change, which was the change from a twin pin with a hard black coated cable, to a single pin with a thicker clear plastic coated cable.

4 May 1995
Type / Elite

RIGGERS 4th May 95

Acceptance of Tandem Elite.

9. A.O.B.

  1. The Committee were presented with a Elite Tandem Racer for their consideration for the equipment to be accepted for use in the U.K.The Chairman informed the meeting that several members of the Committee had inspected the equipment prior to the meeting.

    Following a short discussion it was proposed by Allan Hewitt and seconded by Paul Applegate that the above equipment be accepted for use.

    Carried Unanimously
1 February 1996
Type / Galaxy/atom

RIGGERS 1st Feb 96

Acceptance of Tandem Atom. (Also see Riggers minutes, Dec 96) .

7. A.O.B.

  1. The Chairmen presented a set of Tandem equipment manufactured by Parachutes de France, which had been updated to the ‘Atom’. This was basically the same as the Galaxy, but with a number of changes associated with the main system. One of the changes to the system was the toggle, which was another method of closing it up as opposed to the Velcro. Instead of being in a spandex pouch there is now a series of loops and grommets, so that when the drogue chute is pulled out the cable is pulled out as well.Allan informed the meeting that he had looked at the equipment and was happy with the changes.

    It was proposed by Allan Hewitt and seconded by Paul Applegate that the above equipment be accepted with the stated changes.

    For: 5 – Against: 0 – Abstentions: 1

    The meeting were also given a number of other modifications to the equipment. However, as Riggers had not seen the chest-mounted drogue release system as yet, they could not accept them at this stage.

29 August 1996
Type / Galaxy/atom

RIGGERS 29th Aug 96

Use a Tandem Strong passenger harness with a Tandem Galaxy container with changes as presented. (NOT CLEARED for general use).

8. A.O.B. (NOT CLEARED for general use)

Permission to use a Tandem strong passenger harness with the Tandem Galaxy harness/container, the Tandem strong passenger harness has had the top butterfly clips altered to incorporate the locking pins. The kit was presented by Pete Carroll, this was proposed by Paul Applegate and seconded by Lofty Thomas.

For: 6 – Against: 0 – Abstentions: 1

Last Update: From Riggers and Safety and Training Committee meetings 1st Feb 2018.

Form-212 Approved Tandem Parachute Equipment Modifications

To ascertain which canopies are cleared for use with a specific container, reference must be made to the modifications for that container type. A type of ‘Canopies Only’ has been included for any individual canopies, main or reserve, which have been approved for Tandem use by STC/Riggers but have no formal Tandem container system associated with them. These have been included for information only as the canopies have not had any modification applied to them.

Officially, any British Skydiving Tandem Modification that is cleared for use at any particular Riggers or STC Committee meeting must be formally ratified at the following Riggers or STC Meeting. These meetings are normally eight weeks apart and ‘officially’, any such Tandem Modification item will not be formally cleared until that ratification.

Some previously recorded clearances have been removed. For the full wording see the item ‘RIGGERS 15th Feb 01’ under type ‘General’.

No reference is made to any formal Safety Notice, Safety Information or Update, that has been issued by an individual manufacturer, unless they require the Riggers or STC to intervene. This is because a manufacturer’s update is not part of the British Skydiving modification programme. Safety Notices and Safety Information sheets may be issued by British Skydiving but these have their own recommendations and/or instructions.

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