RIGGERS 5th May 94

RIGGERS 5th May 94

14. A.O.B. (This item was covered over several meetings) (NOT CLEARED for all)

  1. Peterborough Parachute Club requested permission to continue to use their Tandem equipment in its current set-up, which is BT canopies, BT drogues and BT bags in Vector containers.

Andy Page is said to be completely happy with it and maintains it on a regular basis. John Curtis pointed out that he has seen this set-up before and was not convinced that it is a good idea. A discussion took place referring to the differences in drogues, after which Andy Page’s proposal was seconded by Lofty Thomas.

For: 4 – Against: 4 – Abstentions: 0

The Chairman used his casting vote, which was against the proposal. The proposal was therefore defeated by 5 votes to 4.

Further discussion ensued after which it was proposed by Richard Atherton and seconded by Ian Robertson that the Tandem equipment in use at Peterborough is cleared for use until it could be presented to the next Riggers meeting.

Carried Unanimously

NOTE: Also see RIGGERS 23rd June 94 (1. MINUTES AND MATTERS…)

It was pointed out that there is usually no time within a meeting to have a proper look at equipment under discussion and a request should be put to Peterborough Parachute Club to present the container at least an hour prior to the next meeting. This would also require a couple of Advanced Riggers to arrive early, who should be contacted prior to the meeting.

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